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Do you have questions about the Scriptures? Your paradigm determines how you read and interpret the text. Are you tied to a denominational creed or statement of faith? Do you only believe the doctrines of your church?

We may not have all the answers because we understand the importance of questions. We want to help you understand your paradigm so you can re-discover the scriptures and grow in your faith.

The holy text is like a river which flows ever onward and doctrines are like a dam put in place by men in an attempt to control the flow. God’s word is fluid and flows free, not according to rigid doctrines and systematic conformity.

We will do our best to answer any questions using the text according to the culture and language in which it was written. We consider the writer, who they were writing to, or for, and the overall context the best we can determine.

The comments section is open to everyone. If you have a specific question send an e-mail to Lee@studytheway.org

Note:We do not necessarily agree or disagree with any of the following websites, however, we feel they are all places members of the body of Messiah can go to learn more about God and his word and find answers to questions about the Bible. 












Discover Your Paradigm

About our faith

We do not adhere to a traditional statement of faith. What we believe is not as important as how we live.

We worship only יהוה the God of Abraham, the God of Israel. We recognize Yeshua as the Messiah (Christ Jesus) and as the only mediator between יהוה God and men.

We believe in, teach from, and do our best to live by every word of God.


Our ultimate goal is to help any who desire to study, apply, and live the word of God and to become like Yeshua (Jesus) in developing fruits befitting one that would claim the name ”Christian.” (Matt. 3:7-10)(Matt. 16:24-28)

Bible talk ministries is not affiliated with any religious organization. We are not Protestant, or Catholic. We are not Hebrew roots or Messianic. We teach from a Hebraic perspective.