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This one is simple: We do not collect any information on anyone who visits this site including all information entered into any contact forms or in the comments section.

The site will maintain any comment written for as long as the site is operational or unless Admin chooses to erase the comment. We monitor visitor numbers only. Names, emails, addresses, or location information is not collected. If you donate you may have the option to save information for next time, this option is in your browser only.

Terms and Conditions:

Any information on this site may be used, copied, downloaded, etc. for personal study and or informational purposes. If you use any content from this site elsewhere you may not edit original content in any way without permission. This site is for bible related content only, any questions or posts will be listed publicly. Any content deemed inappropriate by Admin will be removed.

Comment Policy:

We regulate all comments and any comments deemed inappropriate will be deleted. This is a place for dialogue. Anyone interested in the bible is free to comment and even participate in the fellowship if the fellowship chooses to allow it, which is likely unless you are not sincere in your motives. Language deemed inappropriate for children will likely be deemed inappropriate here as well.